To the sad, beautiful girl

With tears welled up in her eyes

I can hear the voice in your head

Saying “not again

how the hell did I let another one catch me by surprise?”

As bright and full as is your moon

We’re both left wondering

How did you let yourself get consumed?

Tired of the expectations

Tired of the bars you set

Still always a surprise that they’re never even met

But we’ve both heard

Jaded is the ugliest shade of green

So we keep the door open

Trying our best to ignore how things seem He says you read too much.

Into things, over them, under them and through them

But what else can you do

When it’s his own words that prove it

And now you’re taking things too literally

Somehow digging deep and taking face value at the same time

Didn’t know you were capable of an oxymoron, let alone that it’s a crime

But to the sad, beautiful girl

Who feels like her flame’s been just a little dulled

Turn down the lights

Put down your head

Take a deep breath

Cause I’d be lying, to say

this won’t happen again


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