transcend – ** NEW music you should hear**

to me, there’s nothing better than hearing music for the first time and feeling lifted. we’re not quite halfway through 2017 yet, but I’ve already been blessed with coming across some new gems. the following is a couple of new, vibe-heavy, tracks from a couple of somewhat underrated artists

selected track breakdown –

“Something” – ELHAE

Off of the new EP Aura II, “Something” rolls and flows, comparable to Drake (esp. “Controlla”), but still stands on its own with its’ own creative array of sounds and beats. P.S. whole album is worth a listen to, stay tuned for full review

why I like it – perfect song to vibe-out to.

“Say It Again” – H.E.R.

Sultry and sauntering, with drawn out beats and demanding words, “Say It Again” is a slow-moving, almost ethereal track.

why I like it – it’s sexy and chill.

***one to watch*** “make daddy proud” – blackbear

“make daddy proud” is truly a nontraditional, r&b oriented track with notable creative accents such as (what I can only think to describe as) video game sounds and robot voice,met with the up and down, roll and flow melody, and falsettos that currently dominate r&b/hip hop hits. This is off just released album ‘digital druglord’, which is already climbing the charts so it’s worth checking out the whole piece…review to come!

why I like it – truly creative, playful, and feel-good

enjoy !





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