The Crown of My Soul


My hair is the crown of my soul!

When chopped by steel, it births new life

When pulled back, and concealed

It waits patiently, for the day it’ll be embraced again by sunlight

My hair is the crown of my soul

It represents the birth of nations new, mixed, and old

It’s been through wars of acceptance and identity

It’s been met with hatred, adoration, frustration, and envy

It’s been pulled, chopped, twisted, turned, bleached, and burnt away

But even so, it still finds away to spring out anyway

My hair is the crown of my soul

It may not be the fairest, it’s not the longest, it’s never been blonde

But it’s part of who I am, my essence,

and it’ll always, be mine.






You look at me with private eyes 

In a way that’s just for me

Sparked by stolen kisses in shadows

By the crashing waves of the sea

Warmed by the way your touch lingers 

Long after you’ve gone 

Wistful in a crowd of people

In awe that you’ve already moved on 

Sent from above 

My sun continues to shine

Even when covered by clouds  

My arms still reach for what’s mine

Even when distance multiplies 

The journey may lead to an end

But finding solace within

Is truly the most precious Godsend 

When everything closes

And only windows remain 

I know I’m off better 

And my steps traveled

Were not in vain 

transcend – ** NEW music you should hear**

to me, there’s nothing better than hearing music for the first time and feeling lifted. we’re not quite halfway through 2017 yet, but I’ve already been blessed with coming across some new gems. the following is a couple of new, vibe-heavy, tracks from a couple of somewhat underrated artists

selected track breakdown –

“Something” – ELHAE

Off of the new EP Aura II, “Something” rolls and flows, comparable to Drake (esp. “Controlla”), but still stands on its own with its’ own creative array of sounds and beats. P.S. whole album is worth a listen to, stay tuned for full review

why I like it – perfect song to vibe-out to.

“Say It Again” – H.E.R.

Sultry and sauntering, with drawn out beats and demanding words, “Say It Again” is a slow-moving, almost ethereal track.

why I like it – it’s sexy and chill.

***one to watch*** “make daddy proud” – blackbear

“make daddy proud” is truly a nontraditional, r&b oriented track with notable creative accents such as (what I can only think to describe as) video game sounds and robot voice,met with the up and down, roll and flow melody, and falsettos that currently dominate r&b/hip hop hits. This is off just released album ‘digital druglord’, which is already climbing the charts so it’s worth checking out the whole piece…review to come!

why I like it – truly creative, playful, and feel-good

enjoy !




fool’s gold

fools goldCold coffee

Blasted love songs fade to heartbreak

Hearts ache

Didn’t realize everything I thought would turn up fake

But looking back

You were on a straight plane the whole ride here

You never pretended to give more than you had

But those eyes told me different

Here I was falling for a best friend

Thinking despite your lack of effort, your care would manifest in the end

I shouldn’t be surprised

That the scissors that come with the rock and paper

Would cut so deep

That there’d come a day I’d want a refund

For all the wasted minutes dreaming about you while you just sleep

But who ever knew that

Fool’s gold

Could shine so bright

And who ever knew

That even when your cards fold

You’d still yearn a little

For that kiss goodnight


Sometimes I see glimpses 

I feel breaks of warmth

From flickers of light 

I see the you 

I wanna see

But other times

You’re a dark,silent, lonely night 

They say even the darkest nights turn into mornings

But you’re most content in shades of grey and blue 

You may not be my oasis 

But you’re the realest mirage I ever knew 

Sexy Things 

I’ve adorned myself
With thousands of pearls

And countless yards of lace

I’ve squeezed and stuffed my flesh

And painted all over my face 

Sometimes I feel different 

But mostly I feel the same

Occasionally a fleeting glance

But really what’s keeping me company

is a whole lot of discomfort 

And even a little pain

Sexy “things” may be great

But only tangible for a few 

I’ve come to realize to rely on myself

Since I have no interest in becoming a B cup, achieving thigh gaps, or becoming a size 2 

I think the real “secret”

Is that sexy “things” don’t exist 

But sexy people do

It lies in confidence

And loving yourself 

more than a tight dress

or tiny underwear could ever do 

playlist – moody monday

monday already? shake and embrace that monday shade of blue with some moody and evocative tunes. Highlights of this made with love playlist include Sabrina Claudio’s sauntering yet “oomph” worthy  “Confidently Lost”, perfect for slowly crawling out of (or staying in) bed, a pleading, push-and-pull drawl from Daniel Caesar that’s best described as a pair of rose colored glasses towards the one that’s got you in your feels, and starry eyed and vulnerable “Bourbon” from Gallant.

enjoy !


To the sad, beautiful girl

With tears welled up in her eyes

I can hear the voice in your head

Saying “not again

how the hell did I let another one catch me by surprise?”

As bright and full as is your moon

We’re both left wondering

How did you let yourself get consumed?

Tired of the expectations

Tired of the bars you set

Still always a surprise that they’re never even met

But we’ve both heard

Jaded is the ugliest shade of green

So we keep the door open

Trying our best to ignore how things seem He says you read too much.

Into things, over them, under them and through them

But what else can you do

When it’s his own words that prove it

And now you’re taking things too literally

Somehow digging deep and taking face value at the same time

Didn’t know you were capable of an oxymoron, let alone that it’s a crime

But to the sad, beautiful girl

Who feels like her flame’s been just a little dulled

Turn down the lights

Put down your head

Take a deep breath

Cause I’d be lying, to say

this won’t happen again